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They are suitable for wood-made computer desk and common furniture.They are specially designed to be used with wooden board, because the wooden texture can prevent the best lock of this type of drawers.Height: 85mm 120mm 150mm 180mmFeatures:Can be made to exactly match with customers’ drawer product
Application to cabinet series, can also serve as a partition, with changeful types and a complete category. It’s economical and environment-friendly by replacing wood with plastics; has UV-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-resistant and anticorrosive characteristics.Light waterproof material, insid
They are suitable for steel metal-made computer desk and common furniture.They can be used with wooden and plastic boards to prevent various changes.Height: 55mm 90mm 125mm 160mm

About Us

Dah Shan Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. Currently there are a total of 15 production lines supplying processing products made of both soft and hard texture plastic raw materials. We can adopt ABS, HIPL , PE , PP, PVC, PS, NBR, TPE, TPR etc. raw materials in accordance with product characteristic requirements, at the same time provide various colors and surface patterns for selection, making products abundant in colors and beautiful appearances.
We can do forming size up to 1220mm in width and forming thickness available from 0.3mm to 18mm .

Application range of products includes accessories for public constructions, building materials, furniture, kitchen, sports and medical equipments...etc.

Business management and development as well as opening-up of domestic and overseas markets are running by the most complete and perfect marketing system, from mold designing, purchase of raw materials, manufacturing of products, assemblies of semi-finished products, to shipping of finished products, we have kept learning and absorbing technologies and experiences from abroad to be applied in product designing and to improve production techniques.

Satisfying every customer's needs makes us more dependable and our past efforts worthwhile. And we expect ourselves in the future to become an outstanding enterprise among the keen competition of 21st century.

DAH SHAN creates the future with you!
Challenge the new epoch of 21st century, DAH SHAN creates the future with you!

Insisting on best quality as our permanent commitment is the way to build up everlasting business. By adopting advanced automatics devices to enhance the efficiency and performance but reduce the cost in production at the same time, we are able to feedback our customers with better prices! As a result, a win-win situation is created.